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Think Smart and move ahead with the Speedmaster SX 74.

Reliable and good.

The Speedmaster SX 74 is our reliable solution for the medium-size format range for economical printing of traditional print jobs like brochures and advertising mailers. Equipped with the latest technology, it provides flexible processing of different production run lengths.

Invest in a press that is both powerful and proven: with short makeready times, printing speeds of up to 15,000 sheets per hour, and optionally with coating unit, perfecting press, or UV technology, the Speedmaster SX 74 is designed for high productivity at all times.

It makes it easy for you to stand out from the competition with reliable quality. Thanks to the Prinect Press Center 2 control station, it is easy to operate and can be integrated into the Prinect workflow. Its energy efficiency and resourceefficient use of materials have a positive impact in terms of both the environment and costs.

Another plus: each Speedmaster SX 74 is backed up by the comprehensive service offering from Heidelberg. This enables you to get the most from your printing press at all times thanks to maintenance, remote functions, perfectly coordinated consumables, and an international service and spare parts network.

Count on the Speedmaster SX 74, either with a custom configuration or as a special edition press at attractive terms. Enjoy the confidence of a triple investment: in a press that will retain its value, in top quality, and in the outstanding economy.

Speedmaster SX 74 for fast make-ready times and reliable quality.

Think Smart, Move ahead and be unbeatable!

The machine control station. Prinect Press Center 2.

Ease of operation paired with intelligent automation, unique assistance systems, and excellent data management create the perfect conditions for sustainable efficient production.

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The feeder (1) – The perfect start

High productivity

  • Reliable sheet separation, smooth and precise feeding of the sheet into the first printing unit, and excellent feed registration lay the foundation for optimum results
  • High degree of automation reduces makeready times and increases productivity considerably.
  • A multi-stage sheet monitoring system ensures reliable production.
  • Air settings controlled by characteristic curves stored for all substrate thicknesses
  • Speed-compensated blast air for reliable sheet separation at any speed
  • Pile support plate with pile centering system for completely mark-free sheet feeding
  • Central suction tape eliminates the need for additional paper guiding elements.
  • Preset function enables the remotely adjustable self-cleaning pull lay to adapt to the relevant format.
  • Venturi technology at the front lays for optimum sheet alignment, even with difficult substrates.
  • Transfer grippers acting from below support reliable sheet transport at maximum speeds with all substrates.
  • Non-stop device for continuous production.
  • Many settings can be made automatically and on the fly. This results in quicker and, above all, more cost-effective production.
  • The antistatic technology StaticStar Compact (2) minimizes the electrostatic charge of the sheets and optimizes the sheet travel for high production speeds

Short makeready times:

  • Preset functions for automatic feeder setting give additional production time.

User friendliness:

  • The Prinect Press Center 2 makes it simple to control all the feeder functions and saves you time.
  • Feeder operation is intuitive and therefore easy to pick up.

The Printing Unit – Stability in color

High Productivity:

  • Plate, blanket, and impression cylinders with enhanced surfaces are wear-resistant and easy to clean
  • Matt chrome-plated dampening distributor below the dampening form roller for an even film of dampening solution

Shortmakeready times:

  • AutoPlate Pro (4) needs less than two minutes for a plate change on a five-color press.


The inking unit and dampening unit – Consistent color excellence

High Productivity:

  • Very quick reaction of the inking units when settings are adjusted
  • Speed-compensated Alcolor dampening system (3) for a stable ink/water balance, with Vario function to prevent hickeys. The Vario function removes particles of dirt during the production run.
  • Preset function for adopting ink presettings
  • Color Assistant Pro (7) for fully automated monitoring of the ink fountain liner, self-calibration of the ink zones, and automatic adjustment of characteristic curves for high-precision ink metering and also customized optimization of ink presettings for different papers, inks, and printing conditions.
  • Color Fast Solution speeds up the inking unit response by 50 to 70 percent
  • Automatic adjustment of the inking form rollers and dampening form roller in the case of diagonal register correction
  • Inking unit temperature control ensures constant production conditions and stable print quality over the entire production run

Short makeready times:

  • Ink fountain liner for fast and clean ink changeover
  • Additional time is saved by adopting ink presettings
  • Color Assistant Pro calibrates the ink zones based on the condition of the ink fountain liner to ensure even faster inking-up during job changes
  • The cartridge-based automatic ink supply system InkStar (9) shortens the makeready times and reduces ink consumption.


  • Using FilterStar Compact extends the service life of the dampening solution and thus minimizes fresh water consumption.
  • Color Assistant Pro saves up to 150 waste sheets and thus conserves valuable resources.
  • Equipment packages available for alcohol-reduced or alcohol-free printing

The sheet travel and the perfecting device – Productivity and quality on both sides.

High productivity:

  • Fully automated changeover of the perfecting device (5) takes less than a minute.
  • Eccentric rotary suckers and a patented pincer gripper system ensure register-accurate transfer during sheet reversal
  • Electro-pneumatic missing sheet detector immediately detects short or missing sheets and ensures reliable sheet travel
  • PerfectJacket Blue with a special surface coating for outstanding perfecting quality and a longer service life
  • TransferJacket Blue (10) with a special surface coating for mark-free sheet travel and significantly reduced cleaning
  • U1 transfer cylinders (6) with adjustable diameters optimize sheet travel when switching between thin and very thick substrates
  • Tried-and-tested cylinder concept ensures smooth sheet travel with a wide range of substrates

Short makeready times:

  • The perfecting device with fully automated changeover cuts makeready times

User friendliness:

  • All the key press functions, such as changeover of the perfecting device, are controlled centrally via the high-performance Prinect Press Center 2 control station.


  • Low air consumption thanks to the tried-and-tested cylinder concept reduces energy requirements significantly.

Automatic washup devices – Program-controlled for short makeready times

Short makeready times:

  • Automatic, program-controlled washup devices (11) for inking rollers, blanket and impression cylinders ensure outstanding results

The coating unit (12) – When something very special is needed.

High productivity:

  • Protective coating option gets the job to the finishing stage faster, thereby reducing throughput times for your jobs
  • Spot and metallic coatings of a consistently high quality
  • Perfect for special applications with opaque white and special coatings such as pearly luster or metallic finishes.

Short makeready times:

  • Combination clamping bar, which enables operators to use either blankets or coating plates

User friendliness:

  • Chambered blade system with easily exchangeable screen rollers for precise and stable coating application, in particular for spot coatings and special coatings
  • Central control, including remote control of circumferential and lateral registers, at the Prinect Press Center 2

The drying technology – Glossy in speed and quality

High productivity:

  • DryStar Coating (14): Infrared/hot-air dryer for optimum coating drying
  • The outstanding drying performance of DryStar drying systems enables rapid progress to the finishing stage.
  • Perfectly integrated and with the minimum distance from the substrate the drying systems reach excellent drying results at maximum energy efficiency.


  • Highly efficient drying with DryStar saves valuable energy and helps protect the environment. The dryer output can be matched automatically to the printing speed.

The delivery – Perfection all the way to the pile.

High productivity:

  • Optimum sheet travel and precise pile stacking
  • Individually adjustable sheet brakes for precise slowing of sheets
  • Non-stop device for continuous production
  • Motorized adjustment of the gripper opening cam helps optimize sheet depositing for various substrates and speed
  • Powder spray device (15) ensures reliable quality thanks to uniform and targeted powder application.

Short makeready times:

  • High degree of automation of the feeder for a significant reduction of makeready times

User friendliness:

  • The delivery control panel and Prinect Press Center 2 complement each other perfectly and optimize machine setup.
  • Simple and ergonomic operation for short distances during the complete production process – huge time savings

High-pile delivery (16):

  • Venturi nozzle technology for contact-free, aircushioned sheet guiding (13)
  • Ergonomic delivery control panel with jogwheel
  • Fast makeready due to presetting data for dryer and storable dryer settings via CAN connection
  • The high-pile delivery results in fewer pile changes during long print runs than a standard delivery.

Standard delivery:

  • Ideal for short to medium runs
  • Delivery drum covered with Super Blue for markfree sheet travel


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