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The Peak Performance class. Speedmaster XL 145 and Speedmaster XL 162.

No compromises.

When it comes to achieving maximum success, there can be no compromises. Take advantage of all the possibilities offered by large-format printing with our Speedmaster XL 145 and XL 162 – for top efficiency and maximum productivity combined with total ease of operation.

In the area of commercial and packaging printing you benefit from innovative solutions specially tailored to your requirements, with particularly convenient operation. The high level of automation and the intelligent press control simplify all work steps and minimize your makeready times, energy consumption, and paper waste. Extremely fast job changes and tightly controlled, stable processes deliver maximum economy.The sturdy design and innovative, state-of-the-art technology of the two presses ensure top performance and quality around the clock. With Packaging Speed Performance you can achieve up to 18,000 sheets per hour in packaging printing, for example. The unique double gripper technology in the delivery ensures outstanding results in commercial printing.

Top quality with maximum availability – you can rely on that. The solid press concept and innovative technology of the Speedmaster XL 145 and XL 162 combined with our comprehensive, around-the-clock service will give you a strong technological advantage in large format printing.

Prinect Press Center

The Prinect Press Center control station for Heidelberg presses takes great expectations in its stride, setting new standards in terms of performance, reliable production, and user-friendly operation. State-of-the-art technology, smart automation, and excellent data management create the conditions for sustainable efficient production and provide the investment security that print companies need today and in the future.

The innovative, process-oriented Intellistart operator guidance system significantly boosts Speedmaster productivity. While one job is being processed, the next is being prepared. The use of all relevant information relating to the current job and the next one means that 70 percent fewer steps are needed to set up the press for the subsequent job. Depending on the number of jobs and their complexity, annual production capacities can be increased by one to eight percent.

1. Feeder

Shortest makeready times

  • Fully automatic, substrate-dependent adjustment of the entire Preset Plus feeder
  • Speed-compensated and profile-controlled air settings as a function of the substrate quality

Maximum productivity

  • For maximum production speeds across the entire range of materials from 0.06 to 1.6 mm (0.0024 in – 0.063 in), depending on the chosen substrate package
  • High-performance suction head with speed-compensated rotary valve for reliable sheet separation
  • Central suction tape without sheet smoothers or additional sheet guidance elements
  • Extremely flat feeder table for minimal material stress
  • Sensor-controlled monitoring and automatic correction of sheet travel as well as ultrasonic double sheet and package control for uninterrupted production without the need for manual adjustment
  • Venturi technology at the front lays for optimum sheet alignment
  • Pneumatic pull lay for all substrates and precise, mark-free feed registration
  • Suction brush for removing dust from sheets reduces waste and the number of washing intervals
  • Non-stop device, manual or fully automatic, for pile changes without any interruption of production

Maximum user-friendliness

  • Touchscreen for additional operation of feeder and machine functions – intuitive, ergonomic, and time-saving


2. Printing unit and sheet travel

Shortest makeready times

  • AutoPlate XL for fully automatic, synchronized plate changes without bending of the printing plates
  • Programmable washup devices for inking and dampening unit, as cloth washup device for blanket and impression cylinders
  • Individual drive technology for synchronous washing of inking unit and blanket and impression cylinders
  • Profile-controlled and speed-compensated air settings for all substrates
  • AirTransfer system with automatic air adjustment

Maximum productivity

  • Washup cloth changes during the production run increases press availability
  • Gentle sheet guidance both with lightweight materials and substrate thicknesses up to 1.6 mm (0.063 in)
  • Sheet monitoring by sensors
  • The presses achieve maximum running smoothness thanks to printing units weighing 21 metric tons each

Maximum user-friendliness

  • Automatic remote fan-out control (RFOC) through motorized adjustment of the individual clamping bar segments in the plate cylinder during production
  • Monitoring and indication for washup cloth changes in good time
  • Up to 200 washup processes per cloth roll
  • Remote-adjustable lateral, circumferential, and diagonal registers via the Prinect Press Center


3. Perfecting device

Shortest makeready times

  • Profile-controlled, speed-compensated air settings ensure markless transfer of sheets printed on both sides

Maximum productivity

  • Innovative components for controlled and markless sheet guidance through the entire machine:
  • Control station-controlled retractable and extendable transfer cylinder shells for controlled sheet guidance, especially for challenging substrates
  • Reversing drum with rotating pincer gripper system and Venturi nozzles
  • Sheet guide path with AirJet technology
  • Fully automatic triple-drum perfecting for reliable and precise sheet reversal
  • Double-gripper technology:
  • Fully automatic configuration via presetting values on the Prinect Press Center
  • Simultaneous gripping of the sheet at the leading and trailing edges for completely contact-free sheet guidance from the last printing unit to the delivery pile
  • Second gripper system in the delivery of the perfecting presses for precise deceleration and gentle delivery as a prerequisite for double-sided printing of gang runs
  • Double-gripper technology eliminates the need for sheet brakes and print-free corridors – for a larger print area and lower paper costs

Maximum user-friendliness

  • All settings are made centrally via the control station on the Prinect Press Center
  • TransferJacket, the transfer cylinder jacket, and PerfectJacket, the impression cylinder jacket, for optimum print quality and minimal cleaning

4. Inking unit and dampening system

Shortest makeready times

  • Maintenance-free ink fountain, fully foil-lined, for quick and easy ink changes
  • Individual drive technology for synchronous washing of inking unit and blanket and impression cylinders
  • Prinect Inpress Control 2 spectrophotometrically measures and controls the color inline during production. The register is checked at the same time and readjusted if necessary
  • Program-controlled preinking and ink vibrator throw-off for fastest job changes, especially with different color assignments
  • Color Assistant Pro:
    • Automatic compensation of the ink fountain liner condition
    • Self-learning optimization of the ink presettings for different papers, inks, and printing conditions

Maximum productivity

  • Individual adjustment of the distributor phases for a uniform ink density
  • Speed-sensitive compensation of the ink and dampening solution quantity via characteristic profiles
  • Short-path inking function for a fast inking unit response with minimal ink consumption
  • Disengagement of the inking units when not in use for less wear
  • Digitally controlled ink zone motors for maximum inking precision and fastest ink control response
  • Color Fast Solution for accelerated inking unit response when changing jobs or inks, and therefore minimal paper waste
  • Inking unit temperature control with two water circuits for fountain roller and ink distributor for improved metering of the ink, higher maximum ink film thicknesses, and constant inking over the entire production run

Maximum user-friendliness

  • Fast and easy checking with Roller Check Assistant
  • Wear- and calibration-free ink zones
  • Adjustment-free ink transfer rollers

5. Coating unit

Shortest makeready times

  • Automated combined clamping system for fast blanket changes
  • AutoPlate Coating ensures automated coating plate changes without the need for tools and reduces your makeready times

Maximum productivity

  • Large travel ranges when controlling lateral, circumferential, and diagonal registers via the Prinect Press Center with high precision from the first pull

Maximum user-friendliness

  • Unilateral and parallel pressure adjustment from coating form cylinder to impression cylinder and from screen roller to coating form cylinder via Prinect Press Center
  • Pneumatic changing system for fast replacement of the screen roller


6. DryStar dryer technology

Conventional drying for water-based varnishes:

  • DryStar Combination: Drying solution for the most challenging applications such as blister packagings in all production run lengths

UV drying:

  • DryStar Combination UV: Drying and curing solution for the most challenging applications in both conventional and UV mode and in all production run lengths

DryStar Advanced: Software option for automatic dryer settings

All dryer solutions are available in fixed or variable installation positions (printing unit, perfecting device, drying unit, delivery)

7. Delivery

Shortest makeready times

  • Fully automatic, substrate-dependent adjustment of the entire Preset Plus delivery
  • Speed-compensated and profile-controlled air settings as a function of the substrate quality

Maximum productivity

  • Modular sheet delivery design with one, two, or three extension modules, each available with four, five, seven, and nine dryers, making it the longest delivery drying section on the market
  • Minimal sheet stress, even at maximum production speed, thanks to the extremely flat sheet ascent ramp and the aerodynamically designed gripper bars
  • Remote-adjustable center slitting device for slitting the sheet down the middle for paper and cardboard during production
  • Dynamic sheet brakes and rear edge suction for higher printing speeds and precise pile formation, especially with low grammages
  • Fully automatic non-stop device for uninterrupted production

Maximum user-friendliness

  • Fold-down sheet guide path for open access without the use of tools
  • Additional delivery control panel with touchscreen and jogwheel

Other equipment variants: the logistics system

The technology at a glance:

  • Fully automatic non-stop feeder: “freely suspended” rake for compensating imprecise pallet feeding and for smooth changes without damaging the sheets or pallets
  • Fully automatic non-stop delivery with roller technology
  • Automated material flow for one or more presses
  • Modular conveyor system with targeted adaptation to the customer’s wishes
  • Also available as a plate system for the delivery
  • Suitable for using commercially available system pallets
  • Pile turner with vibrator and ventilation system, if necessary with integrated roller conveyor for installation in logistical solutions

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