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The flexible all-rounder. Versafire CV.

With its outstanding quality and exceptional functions, the new Versafire CV takes efficiency, reliability, and profitability to a whole new level.

As a flexible all-rounder, the Versafire CV is the only digital printing press in its class offering printing white, with very high opacity, or coating ink as a full-area or spot coating. It is quick and easy to switch between the spot colors, which ensures flexible use. Thanks to its innovative laser technology, the Versafire CV delivers razor-sharp high-resolution images. One particular plus point is the color toner used, which achieves a sharp, uniform result thanks to ultra-fine particles. Other impressive features include a large color scale and a low melting point. This makes it possible to print on all kinds of materials, such as plastics, with an image and color quality close to that achieved in offset.


The Versafire CV also demonstrates its credentials with other challenging materials. It can be equipped with a smoothing function that ensures flat delivery, for example in the case of paper with a high moisture content. An optional suction feeder is available to reliably feed in problematic materials such as synthetic foils. The Versafire CV is designed for large paper formats. This enables items such as posters and six-page signatures to be produced in short runs – in a single operation and, thanks to the Prinect® Digital Frontend, without complicated impositioning.

The Versafire CV also supports the non-stop production of long runs in a single pass. Several magazines ensure a continuous supply of paper without an operator having to constantly monitor the Versafire CV. These magazines can be logically linked for automatic print processes or be filled for the next print job while the previous job is still under way so as to minimize makeready times. Precise registration is essential when printing small items such as business cards or postcards. The Versafire CV operates with exceptional register accuracy for every single sheet, which means print images are positioned exactly on top of each other in the pile for reliable finishing.

The Versafire CV impresses with its big operator cockpit. The central monitor provides a continuous overview of all information – from the print status of each job to fill levels and all the necessary color data. This makes it possible to keep an eye on the progress of printing while completing other tasks such as filling a magazine for the next job. Operation is intuitive, which reduces the time required to master the system.

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