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The All-rounder: Speedmaster CD 102

Do you need a press that delivers much more? Take a look at how the Speedmaster CD 102 can change the game for you

To compete in today’s market; you need a press that is flexible for a variety of applications, along with being reliable. You need to be able to offer your customers excellent quality consistently over time. You need a high degree of automation and easy operation, allowing you to cut the number of steps in your workflow, increase your productivity and deliver faster. And you need to eliminate waste and save on resources.

If you agree with all of the above, and are looking for a press that allows you to achieve all this, the Speedmaster CD 102 is just what you need. It offers excellent quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness in the 70 x 100 cm format.

Wide range of applications

The CD 102 processes all kinds of substrates. Whether you use lightweight paper or board, the fully automated Preset Plus Feeder lets you achieve uninterrupted production.

High quality

The proven Alcolor inking and dampening system in the Speedmaster CD 102 with the Vario function gives you the best and most consistent results in terms of color. The AirTransfer System and Venturi sheet guide at delivery allows for contact-free sheet travel. The chambered doctor blade system in the coating unit is equipped to easily handle even the trickiest of coating requirements.

Better operation

The Speedmaster CD 102 achieves production speeds of 15,000 sheets per hour. Thanks to the Intellistart process-oriented operator guidance system, it integrates easily with the Prinect workflow, giving you extremely user-friendly operation. The press has a high degree of automation, with only minimal manual setup required. Additionally, the AutoPlate feature enables quick plate changes, giving you shorter make-ready times. All of this helps you save time and increase your productivity.

Reduced waste

The Venturi nozzle at the feeder ensures that wavy paper is fed into the machine properly, thus reducing feeder trips to the maximum extent. The Prinect Easy Control color measuring system also helps reduce the amount of paper waste in your press. The Easy Control system is integrated into your machine control station.

And that’s not all…

Your Speedmaster CD 102 can be extended to include the Star System peripherals, giving you a whole range of additional benefits. Star System peripherals allow you to increase the efficiency of your operations and save on resources. Heidelberg’s water-cooled peripherals help take your power consumption down even further. You can even remove heat and control indoor temperatures.

These benefits allow you to focus more closely on the quality of the printed result, and offer your customers a wide range of printed products at attractive prices. All this makes the Speedmaster CD 102 the real all-rounder you need in your print shop!


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