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Capitalize on Short Run Printing Demand

Take advantage of the rising demand for short run printing with this comprehensive range of solutions from Heidelberg

With changing business conditions, you need to bring in greater flexibility in your range of offerings, and find ways of meeting the rising demand for short run printing. But to do this and remain profitable, you need to increase the number of print jobs you take on. This means that you need to drastically cut your make ready times, ensure that job changes are faster, and reduce waste.

Heidelbergoffers a range of technological solutions and capabilities across prepress, press, and postpress that helps you capitalize on the demand for short run printing. Let’s take a look at some of these.

Improve interaction among different departments with Prinect


The Prinect Pressroom Manager gives you better interaction among the different departments involved in production, helping you save time and reduce waste.

Print-relevant parameters can be directly transferred from the prepress stage. This mean you get fewer errors in entering settings, greater reliability and time savings. The Pressroom Manager also helps your press operator’s speed up setup procedures during the color workflow and finishing stages, by transferring position marks for color measurement, cutting, folding and saddle-stitching.

Get optimum productivity with Prinect

Prinect Signa Station allows you to easily imposition and assembles   sheets. The Prinect Signa Station is a central piece of the Prinect workflow.

It comes equipped with tools and assistants which are easy to understand. It gives you visual control over all steps, making it easier to manage both simple and complex jobs. It also offers a high degree of flexibility, thanks to the conceptual separation of press sheets and folding sheets, along with special modules for packaging printing.

With Prinect Signa Station, you can also import rule-based data from the Prinect Web-to-Print Manager and Prinect Business Manager. Gang jobs can be reliably generated with the Gang Assistant. The optional Sheet Optimizer helps speed up your layout generation process, as it determines the optimum arrangement for positioning multiple image copies on the sheet for different formats and run lengths.

Leverage the benefits of automation with Suprasetter

The Suprasetter family of platesetters integrates perfectly with the Prinect workflow, giving you a high degree of automation, maximum availability, excellent quality and complete reliability. These platesetters are equipped to meet your most precise requirements. Their modular format makes them flexible enough to grow right alongside the demands of your print shop—no matter what the requirement, you can still quickly get the plate handling capabilities, plate types and formats, punching systems and levels of automation that you need.

Get the best-fit press for your print shop

Heidelberg presses, including the Speedmaster SX 52 Anicolor, Speedmaster SM 52, Speedmaster SM 74 and Speedmaster SX 74, are geared towards meeting the needs of small and medium sized print shops. These presses offer outstanding quality, reliability and value retention, and come equipped with an extended range of features that allows you to meet the most complex requirements with ease.

These presses offer comprehensive automation and integrate fully with the Prinect workflow, giving you complete ease of operation. Feeders and plate changers are highly automated, allowing you to achieve short make ready times. The presses also run at high production speeds and are extremely efficient, allowing you to save on resources and reduce waste.

Maximize efficiency in your postpress

Heidelberg also offers a range of postpress solutions that help you shorten make ready times while consistently ensuring high quality. These include folding machines from the Stahlfolder TH/KH series, Stitchmaster ST 450 and Eurobind 1300/1300 PUR.

These solutions have an ergonomic design and integrate fully with Prinect, giving you ease of operation. They are consistently modular and can be configured to meet your specific requirement, which give you a great deal of flexibility and enables you to offer a wide range of products. Automation components allow you to achieve quick setup times, higher productivity and increased cost effectiveness. This makes them excellent for processing small jobs with frequent job changes, as you need to spend less time on make ready.

With this comprehensive range of solutions, you can achieve high levels of productivity even with short run printing, and maximize profitability in your print shop.



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