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Reliable, flawless printed sheets. Prinect Inspection Control 2.

Particularly in packaging and label printing, guaranteeing the quality of a printed product is not just a matter of correct inking. Printing errors need to be identified at an early stage in order to ensure there are no complaints.

Prinect Inspection Control 2 delivers top performance when it comes to sheet inspection. Two high-resolution color cameras in the coating unit of the press fully check each sheet for material defects, hickeys, ink splashes, scumming and so on to prevent follow-up costs. The blower air-assisted optimized sheet guidance permits a comprehensive inspection right up to the trailing sheet edge.

The new Operating Assistant, in conjunction with the Prinect workflow, enables a rapid, straightforward setup process on the Wallscreen XL. Hardly any of the settings are manual.

Maximum productivity

1. Two high-resolution color cameras for precise inspection in the coating unit quickly and reliably detect even the smallest print errors such as hickeys, missing print, streaks and scratches
2. Low-vibration, stable integration in the coating unit
3. Cameras and lenses are perfectly protected
4. Maintenance-free LED light source
5. Blower air-assisted sheet guidance for a high inspection standard right to the trailing sheet edge
Comprehensive inspection reports in Analyze Point
6. Each printed sheet is compared with the reference sheet The printer is alerted as soon as errors are detected
7. If the system identifies a flaw, the InsertStar tape inserter integrated into the delivery automatically marks the beginning and the end of the waste sheet

Shortest makeready times

1. Automatic loading of job data in conjunction with Operating Assistant for shorter setup times
2. Automated transfer of inspection areas and test tolerances from prepress to the Prinect workflow
3. Automatic checking of the printed sheet against PDF files from Prinect prepress
Maximum user-friendliness

1. Easy setup directly on the Wallscreen XL in conjunction with the Operating Assistant
2. Direct transfer of results from Prinect Inspection Control 2 to the Prinect Press Center XL 2 high-performance control station. The cutting-edge image processing software displays the errors on the sheet clearly and on a large scale on the Wallscreen XL, ensuring ideal prerequisites for rapid error analysis and assessment by the printer
3. All other operating functions can also be controlled via the Wallscreen XL. These include setting multiple inspection areas, the overview and zoom function, and the error history using thumbnails. The option of choosing between five tolerance levels means inspection quality can be perfectly geared to different customer requirements

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