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Printing Perfections

Prinect PDF Toolbox has everything you need to get that perfect finish

Saturday night, 11pm: Magazine finalized. Pages to go for print. Gosh! Some obvious errors in the PDF, and pricey ones at that! Phones not reachable, designer out of town. What next?

Sunday morning, 11am: Rectify the error. Correct the color. Why is the spacing wrong? Make it faster!
Sound familiar? Have you been through this too? Most of us in the printing profession have. More often than not, when the pages are going to press, we come across errors that should have been fixed at an earlier point. As the pages pass through a number of individuals, various mistakes are pointed out and fixed, but not all! In this age of massive technological advancement, wasting 12 hours to fix a few errors is a loss of time, money and most importantly, customer satisfaction. The solution: Heidelberg’s Prinect PDF Toolbox.

Can Prinect PDF Toolbox save you the late night calls, monetary wastage, and the high level of frustration? Yes! Prinect PDF Toolbox is loaded with everything you need to get the pages actually finalized for print. This PDF editing software suite from Heidelberg comprises a number of plug-ins for Adobe Acrobat, like PDF Assistant, Color Editor, Coating Editor, Trap Editor, Imposition Editor, Screening Selector and Barcode Editor.

The PDF Assistant software rapidly identifies costly mistakes during PDF generation and eliminates them in no time. It has an extensive pre-flight tool that ensures the quality of a PDF file using more than 80 print-related criteria, and delivers a well-structured test report. The software has various choices for the adaptation of page geometry. It offers quicker screen build-up through alternative images. It also has a separation controller function that allows separation information to be edited in a pre-separated PDF file, so that this information can be checked against the projected print result even before printing. To ensure register accuracy, there is a status control function that places the front and back of pages or sheets transparently on top of each other.

Another important tool is the page construction tool, which allows two or more PDF pages to be combined into one. This tool also allows missing parts to be added to a PDF. The layout preview function enables the extraction of PDF pages from a fully imposed sheet. It helps in directly completing last-minute changes before entering the platesetter. It also helps in checking individual pages on the sheet and altering or replacing them wherever required.

Isn’t half the headache gone already? But there’s more in store.

Prinect PDF Toolbox also includes the Color Editor, which is an interactive color management plug-in with wide-ranging functions that provide cross-media assistance with color testing and optimization. With the help of the Color Editor, you can flawlessly prepare the PDF files for offset or digital printing, web publishing or CD-ROM productions. The key to this precision is Heidelberg’s Color Matching Method (CMM).

The Coating Editor is a finishing tool that generates perfect-fit coating jobs based on PDF files, and boosts the quality and appeal of the printed product. The professional trapping tool, Trap Editor, interactively carries out object-oriented spreading and trapping. It has an edge over the classic InRIP trapping—it shows an instant visualization of the trapping on the monitor. The traps are shown in their final form even at the proof stage, so that the print result can be clearly predicted without any print proofs.

The Imposition Editor is a standard impositioning tool that offers all the chief functions for manually generating sheets in two-up format, including marks and color bars. The graphical user interface in this tool offers a constant and rapid WYSIWYG preview.

There is also a Screening Selector tool for object-related screening, which is based on screening parameters from Prinect MetaDimension. With this, the objects can be assigned different screening sets and outputs via Prinect MetaDimension.

The Barcode Editor provides ideal barcodes. It is a well known fact that barcodes created by packaging designers are, usually, not machine-readable and have their own flaws. This tool allows you to correct barcodes directly in the PDF.

Can it get any better? Prinect PDF Toolbox, with tools for a perfect PDF workflow, saves time, lowers cost, keeps stress at bay, and helps you provide more value to the customer. What else can you ask for?
The Prinect PDF Toolbox, along with the Prinect Signa Station and the Prinect MetaDimension, can deliver every operator out of his miseries and get the job completed on time.


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