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Manage your print shop: the Prinect way

Prinect helps you integrate your print shop management and production, and gives you more control

Every press owner wants complete control over the production and management of their press. Enabling this, however, is difficult, and requires an end-to-end solution that takes into account the needs of press owners who work in different kinds of setups and face very different challenges.

The solution lies in Prinect workflow. Prinect integrates your print shop management and production, and helps you turn your existing system into a more organized, systematic one. The result is the optimization and streamlining of all tasks, and significant benefits in terms of productivity.

The system is designed in a way that lets you devote more time to important tasks, rather than having to indulge in routine tasks all the time. Your costing becomes more reliable, and you start gaining greater control over the production process. The early detection of bottlenecks in the system helps prevent snags and breakdowns from affecting your productivity. Let’s take a look at what Prinect can do for your business.

Better Relationships

Prinect brings all your customer and job data related to a specific job on a single screen. It allows you to answer all customer queries in a simplified way, helping you forge better relations with your customers. All this data is available online. Your sales people can use this data to create new sales strategies, and also to prepare for meetings with specific customers.

This data needs to be entered only once. So, there is reduced scope for error, and you save a lot of time. In a nutshell, Prinect helps you leverage your relationships to the benefit of both you and your customers.

Time Savings

Prinect simplifies the lengthy and cumbersome process of analyzing and processing jobs by automating the entire process. This helps you save a lot of time in dealing with enquiries, doing the costing and getting back to customers with your offer. A standardized costing process is put in place to evaluate the cost for all kinds of jobs. This helps you reduce your turnaround time, and builds trust in your capabilities.
Effective Planning and Scheduling

Every print shop owner understands the effort that goes into production planning and scheduling. It can be very frustrating when these efforts need to be repeated just because some fresh data has come in. With Prinect, everyone associated with the production process shares the same data. So there is no need for you to spend long hours searching for the latest data.

The early warning system that is integrated into the workflow makes it easy to identify bottlenecks before they create problems. The digital planning board gives you up-to-date production status reports, and includes all scheduled prepress, press and postpress operations and machine assignments in real-time. This results in automatic process control, and enables you to use the machine to its optimum capacity, saving valuable time in the process.

Improved Material Planning

Prinect automates the management of material and logistics in your press using material consumption reports. In this automated system, your purchasing department is intimated the moment stocks fall below a specific level. This way, you can plan your material flow with precision, save time, cut down on productivity losses, and free up unnecessarily tied up capital.

Improved Productivity, Greater Agility

Analyzing business decisions is always critical to the effective functioning of an organization. But accumulating all the data needed to make useful inferences can be a big challenge.
Prinect addresses this problem by allowing you to evaluate a specific job, or an entire period of work. You get all the data as and when you need it, as Prinect keeps records of all production data. This information, available in the form of clearly structured diagrams and tables, helps you understand weaknesses in your processes and make the right changes.

Interfacing with Other Systems

As a print shop owner, the last thing you would like is a curb on your flexibility. Prinect’s open system allows you to interface with workflow solutions from all other manufacturers. Integrating systems from other manufacturers is made possible through coordinated data exchange.
With Prinect, you can speed up your production time, reduce your costs, plan your inventory, identify potential problem areas, and get the most out of your print shop.


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