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Web-based Remote Services

Wouldn’t you like to be able to run your press continuously, without long hours lost in making repairs? Or without the service engineer having to make frequent visits? Well… all these sound like a myth.

But with Heidelberg’s state-of-the-art remote services, it is indeed a reality. With the Web-based Remote Services (WBRS) facility, which is available on selected models and versions, you can get online support from our experts just at the click of a mouse, without even physically touching your machine. This utility feature is available for any part of your workflow: pre-press equipment, printing presses, post-press products and workflow software.

Going for remote services helps you in two ways:
 It helps you reduce your downtime to the minimum.
 Effective usage of remote services brings down the number of onsite visits you need from experts, thereby reducing your overall maintenance costs.

Here are the main areas in which Heidelberg offers its services:

Remote Diagnosis
Remote diagnosis is intended to offer you online troubleshooting and software updates. The new Heidelberg presses are equipped with Remote Service Technology. All you need is a broadband connection in the press-room to activate this feature. In case of a breakdown or any software update being required, the Heidelberg technician can log in to your system via the Internet. He can virtually operate the press, make a diagnosis and rectify the fault in no time. All this is done with the technician sitting at the Heidelberg office, miles away from the machine, which means no worries about travel delays. In case of minor faults, our technician can also guide your operators to do rectify the problems, remotely.

In case the problem is such that it requires an engineer’s visit, remote diagnosis makes sure that service engineers are well informed and fully prepared to resolve the issue quickly.

Remote diagnosis gives you hands-on support from Heidelberg experts for all your application issues. Our Systemservice engineers can also hook in the Global Support Network in case of more critical problems, where we can create a virtual network between the machine, Heidelberg India support centre and the Global Support network.
So, remote diagnosis enables faster troubleshooting, round the clock.

Remote Inspection
Remote inspection is based on the premise of correcting faults long before they can affect your production. Regular online checks of the operating machinery are done without interrupting your production. This process increases the reliability of your production systems. The Heidelberg Systemservice experts evaluate your data, and recognize very early on if maintenance measures are necessary. So, remote inspection dramatically reduces the chances of failure of your system.
Remote Monitoring

The future of printing press maintenance lies in remote monitoring. For example, with Prinect Image Control, remote services can continuously monitor and predict the end of life of the xenon lamp on time. Hence, a new xenon lamp can be ordered on time, neither too early nor too late. It is same for other parts too. Remote monitoring helps you to get the most out of your equipment, while avoiding breakdowns, thus letting you optimize costs.

Often, there are questions raised about how secure it is to hand over your operations to an external agency. As a press owner, it is for you to grant Heidelberg access to your production systems each time, for every remote service session. As the session starts, every communication is shared with you on your monitor simultaneously. Thus, remote services are a transparent and effective way of monitoring your system and preventing failures before they occur.


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