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The new Speedmaster CX 75 – Space-Saving Multi-Talent For Agile Smart Print Shops

  • Compact, flexible, and economical straight printing press for print shops on a growth course
  • Combination of the innovative platform of the Speedmaster XL 75 and components of the Speedmaster SX 74
  • Digitally integrated production with Prinect Press Center 2 and patented Intellistart assistance system
  • Official presentation at China Print in Beijing from 9 to 13 May 2017

Ersin Sözer, Managing Director of Werbedruck Petzold GmbH, in front of his press at the Heidelberg site in Wiesloch-Walldorf. WP is the first field tester of the Speedmaster CX 75.

The 50 x 70 cm format is still the ideal fit in terms of product range and sales volume for the many small and medium-sized print shops, despite strong competitive pressure from larger print formats. The requirement profile is changing, since smart production that offers reproducibility and consistently high print quality in return for a manageable investment is also in demand here. Digital integration, flexible use of paper, cardboard, and foil as well as a small footprint are important factors in this.

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) offers just such a Multi-Talent with the new Speedmaster CX 75. The Speedmaster CX 75 combines the best of both worlds – the innovative platform of the Speedmaster XL 75 from the Peak Performance class combined with components of the Speedmaster SX 74. As a flexible and economical straight printing press in 50 x 70 cm format, the Speedmaster CX 75 can process substrates ranging from lightweight paper through to rigid cardboard thanks to its double-diameter impression cylinders.

The presettings from the prepress stage for preset functions from the feeder to the delivery can be integrated via the Prinect digital print shop workflow, ensuring high productivity. Switching from the last sheet in one run to the first good sheet in the next can be done in under five minutes.

The meticulously planned ergonomic concept together with generous space between the printing units permits optimal access and therefore quick and easy operation and maintenance. The Speedmaster CX 75 comes as a four- to six-color press with coating unit. It has a top production speed of 15,000 sheets an hour and an impressively compact design. It is the narrowest press offered by Heidelberg in the 50 x 70 cm format range. It will be officially presented at China Print in Beijing, where a Speedmaster CX 75 four-color press with innovative DryStar LED technology from Heidelberg will be showcased.


The Speedmaster CX 75 combines the best of both worlds – the innovative platform of the Speedmaster XL 75 from the Peak Performance class combined with components of the Speedmaster SX 74.

Growth marketing of packaging with a wide variety of finishing options
With the Speedmaster CX 75, Heidelberg is closing the gap between the Speedmaster SX 74 and the Speedmaster XL 75 and rounding out its portfolio in the 50 x 70 cm format. The new press will appeal to customers in growth markets who need high flexibility but for whom a large number of automation components do not make economic sense. The Speedmaster CX 75 will also be of interest to those print shops in industrialized countries that operate one or two shifts and are looking for an attractive price-performance ratio.

The Speedmaster CX 75 can be used for an extended range of applications thanks to its comprehensive equipment options. Production is possible using conventional inks and coatings as well as optionally UV printing. UV printing in particular delivers bright results with maximum brilliance of the ink and a wide variety of possible substrates like paper, plastic or foils. No drying time is needed, which means that the sheets can go straight into postpress, which means no more waiting times and shorter delivery times. The customers can choose between three different drying technologies, with the fully integrated DryStar dryer perfectly matched to the sheet travel of the Speedmaster CX 75. The DryStar UV dryer covers a wide range of applications in terms of materials, inks, and coating types. The DryStar LE UV dryer (LE = low energy) uses highly reactive UV inks and coatings, and therefore needs less energy. The DryStar LED dryer is the most innovative technology, and achieves the highest energy efficiency.

The Speedmaster CX 75 is also available in the larger 605 x 750 mm sheet format. This option is specifically intended for packaging and label printing in order to be able to place more repeats on the sheet.

A high level of automation is achieved among other things by the preset capability and almost tool-free operation of the press. The Prinect Center 2 machine control station with the Intellistart intuitive operator guidance system also results in fast setup. The Prinect Easy Control or Prinect Image Control spectral color measurement systems ensure a reliable and standardized printing process. Integration into the Prinect print shop workflow means perfect data handling and transparency as well as fast makeready times. The Speedmaster CX 75 is therefore also ideal for bringing stable growth in new applications, without the need for excessive investment.

The Speedmaster CX 75 from Heidelberg is a Multi-Talent that prints both thin and thicker materials and makes it easy to get started in packaging printing

The extensive internal test phase is now complete, with the Speedmaster CX 75 greatly exceeding expectations. The next stage is field testing, before the full production phase begins in fall 2017. Heidelberg secured Werbedruck Petzold GmbH (WP) in Gernsheim in Hesse as a field tester. Its product range include brochures, flyers, calendars, portfolios, catalogs, posters, displays, and packagings. It already has a Speedmaster SX 52 Anicolor and a Speedmaster CD 74 in its press room, both as five-color presses with coating unit. “We want to be the best, not the biggest, and are proud of the fact that we do all the process steps in-house,” explains Managing Director Ersin Sözer. The print shop has 20 employees, operates in two shifts, and mostly services regional customers from the fields of industry and advertising as well as public authorities. “We process grammages from lightweight paper up to cardboard with a thickness of 0.7 mm here and offer a variety of finishing options with dispersion coating, drip-off coating, and print varnish. We therefore wanted a universal press that could handle all of this and that we could also optimally integrate into our digital workflow. The Speedmaster CX 75 is exactly the right press for my business model,” confirms Sözer. WP enjoys a long-standing partnership with Heidelberg. For example, its postpress machinery includes Stahlfolder folding machines and a Heidelberg jobbing press as well as cylinders for die-cutting and embossing.


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