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Route One Print to focus on 24-hour booklet work with a B2 long perfector

Route One Print will take delivery of a Speedmaster XL 75-10-P this month, a press that will enable the online trade printer to expand its 24 hour service as well as increase capacity and maximise efficiency. The new press gives it the opportunity to print double sided work in one pass with a sealer to ensure that work can rapidly be cut, batched and delivered to the tightest deadlines.
This is part of a £4m investment in new kit this year which has also included a CutStar reel to sheet device and an IST (UK) LE-UV retrofit, both for its Speedmaster SX 102 long perfector, and installation of a Heidelberg Cylinder for die-cutting. The company has enjoyed strong growth over the past year, particularly seeing a rise in demand for booklet work and it is that which led Route One Print to invest in this B2 press.
“We do review press suppliers but Heidelberg does have a technical advantage, particularly in their closed loop colour management and quality consistency,” says Adam Carnell, managing director. “Their support is excellent and that is peace of mind when you are working around the clock to stringent deadlines.”
With Inpress Control, the company has a spectral measurement and adjustment tool which will allow the printers to achieve sellable print within 25 to 30 sheets and ensure colour is consistent within a run and also from run to run which is important given that 90 per cent of Route One Print’s business is repeat work.
“We have made huge efforts over the past year to ensure that our growth does not come at the expense of the quality of our work,” says Mr Carnell. “Inpress Control has ensured we are achieving top colour quality at all times and it cuts downtime significantly.”
The press will also feature Autoplate XL which can change all plates in 1 minute 40 seconds and blanket wash up takes just 30 seconds so job changeovers can be achieved in in under two and a half minutes as standard. Heidelberg claims the lowest cost per copy of any supplier because of inline automation with tools like Inpress Control and Autoplate XL.
Such is the speed of the press that plate logistics is seen as one of the challenges and it is the task of the minders to ensure the press is constantly fed and running.
“Six months ago we launched a 24 hour service and it has really taken off. Features like Autoplate XL 2 which cuts makeready and keeps our press running at maximum efficiency is great. Because most of our work is small format items like business cards we handle up to 60 makereadies a shift on each press; that means there’s a lot to be gained with these on press automated tools,” says Mr Carnell.
Brand manager Jack Wilmott explains the timing of the press installation: “We’re gearing up for even more growth (the autumn is a peak period) and our main focus right now is to improve the efficiency of the factory so we can keep our pricing stable and competitive without compromise to our high quality standards.”
This B2 press is supplementary to the company’s existing line up and will take group turnover from £19.9m to £30m over the next 12 months. Additional minders will be recruited and by the end of the year the business will employ 250 staff.

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