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Prinect – Automate to Grow

You can customize Prinect to suit your print shop’s requirements and make your business more adaptable

Prepress Automation Benefits at a Glance

  • Helps complete routine operations automatically, thus avoiding errors and saving on resources
  • Puts faster processes and customized configurations in place. This simplifies the data checking process, and saves time and other resources
  • Ensures documentation and standardization of data. These lead to better control of processes and reproducibility, saving resources and enhancing revenue

Print shops face a wide range of challenges. To stay in the game, you need to beat competition and increase your margins. One way to achieve this is through automation. Automation of the prepress segment drives down costs, maximizes efficiencies, reduces the impact of human error, and results in a shorter time-to-market.

Some of the challenges that printers usually face in the prepress segment include error-prone manual data checking and processing, as well as inadequate capacity utilization.

If your press relies on manual data checking, you know how time-consuming this is. It slows down your prepress processes, reduces your operational efficiency and impacts the entire print cycle. To add to this, the chances of error are far higher. Eventually, this leads to loss of productivity.

Additionally, with error prone manual processes in place, capacity utilization becomes a big challenge in the prepress segment. This results in higher costs and loss of revenue.

Enhance Prepress Efficiency, Reliability

Prepress automation is about improving prepress efficiency. There are several routine prepress tasks to be completed. Prepress automation helps speed up all your processes. Data can be checked faster than with manual processes, and with much higher accuracy.

This process of data checking goes on in the background. Prinect gives you a detailed report of all the results. All errors are identified. You also get to know if there are any changes to be done. In case this is necessary, the required changes are made as a part of the same process.

Customized Automation

With Prinect, you can customize your prepress processes. Keeping the requirements of your print shop in mind, you can select the level of automation your print shop needs, and set your own rules. By doing this, you can optimize the workflows and the monitoring of processes. This customization will result in faster data processing. Your prepress segment becomes more reliable and simpler to manage.

Prinect uses multiple modules for prepress automation. These modules cater to all prepress processes, including automatic checking and optimization of print data, sheet layout impositioning, ripping, calibration and proofing with approval cycles to assigning and implementing the right screening method and archiving of job data.

Depending upon your print shop’s requirements, you can have these modules segmented into customized process templates. All the automatic processes and checkpoints will still be there.

 The Prinect modules involved in the fully automated prepress solution:

  • Prinect Prepress Manager
  • Prinect Signa Station
  • Prinect MetaDimension
  • Prinect Remote Access
  • Prinect Color Toolbox

Prinect gives you a single-screen overview of all modules. You operate the modules through standardized menus. You can customize Prinect modules to suit the automation requirements of your print shop and Prinect grows along with your needs. You can choose to automate levels from complete workflows and approval processes to sub-processes such as data tapping or checking PDFs.

So, the flexibility and customization offered by Prinect make your prepress more reliable and customer friendly.

Would you be interested in bringing the benefits of Prinect and the automation that it offers, to your business? Feel free to write to us at


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