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Prevent Productivity Losses with Prinect

Have you ever considered how much time is lost between job changes in your press?
Or how much time is lost in trying to enable access to the right information at the right time?

You don’t need to worry about all this anymore. Heidelberg’s Prinect workflow is designed keeping in mind all the areas where losses in productivity frequently occur, and incorporates features that help prevent such losses. Prinect automates a large number of processes and runs them in parallel, helping you cut the number of steps involved in setup and changeover, thus helping you save drastically on time. All your settings are stored, so that in case you have to repeat a job, you don’t have to configure the machine all over again. This means that you can maximize your performance and productivity, in spite of frequent job changes. Besides this, the ergonomically designed press controls ensure that you have ease of access and are required to do a lot less legwork.

Take a look at how Prinect helps optimize your machine operations, and some of the benefits you get from this.

Offers Better Process Overview, Greater Convenience

Prinect offers a standardized operating concept for all Speedmaster presses, which means you get quick and reliable processes. The wallscreen information center ensures that you have a better overview and greater process reliability. The high-pile delivery’s control panel, with a touchscreen and jogwheel, are built to offer greater convenience to users.

Optimizes Machine Operation, Increases Productivity

Having Prinect enabled machine operation means 70% fewer steps in the entire process. The entire operation is process-based, so you can bank upon quick and reliable job changes. The smart automation enables you to initiate a job change even while the previous job in still under process. All these processes result in an increase of upto 8% in the productivity of your press.

Integrates Your Control System

Prinect brings with it a central control system, a standardized platform enabling you to control your presses and peripherals. Having direct control over all the key parameters means that you are saved a lot of legwork and you can react far more quickly. Ultimately, this increases your productivity.

Brings Out the Best Colors

With Prinect-enabled machine operation, you need to spend less on ink, as your make-ready times are shorter and there is lesser paper wastage. The reproducible and reliable inking, when coupled with color measuring and control systems, lets you bring out the best colors in your print job.

Improves Order Management and Data Analysis

If you have Prinect in place, you don’t need to capture data separately for your job list. There is a provision for integrated collection of production data at the press control station. You get access to this data at the control system, and can manage your orders more effectively. Prinect also offers analysis and post-calculation of this data for further improvement.

With all these features built in, Prinect helps you cut down on unplanned, unexpected losses in your printing cycle and maximize your productivity.


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