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Meeting Global Packaging Demands

Heidelberg’s Prinect Package Designer is the solution to all your packaging needs.

As stated by Mr. Nandeesha Mahadevaswamy, Product Manager – Post Press Packaging Solutions, Heidelberg India Pvt. Ltd., in an interview during the International Exhibition on Printing and Allied Machinery Industries (PAMEX), New Delhi, “Packaging is the future!” How? He further explained, “When people go to the supermarkets, they look at the print, they look at the packaging, then they pick up the product. I think you would not like to pick up a damaged pack and take it home. Either you will ask for a discount or you will not buy it… You can get data downloaded, or a song downloaded, but you can’t download a pizza through the Internet. Food products, pharmaceutical products need to be packaged. So packaging is the future.”

Convincing enough. But are the age-old packaging trends going to fulfill your needs as a print media service provider, as well as your customers’ needs? The answer is… No! Today, customers have become far more demanding than they have ever been before. They need more speed, more quality, more variety, more reliability, and all this at the touch of a button. Only technology can make this possible, and Heidelberg gives you that technology and the power to capitalize on the needs of the market.

Enter Prinect Package Designer

Keeping its customers’ packaging needs and the global packaging scenario in consideration, Heidelberg came up with a uniquely efficient CAD/CAM system for packaging and die cutting tools—Prinect Packaging Designer. A fine example of state-of-the-art technology, yet extremely simple to use, Prinect Packaging Designer is integrated into the end-to-end Prinect workflow from Heidelberg. From structural design through sample production, sheet layout and cutting-die parameterization to the generation of presetting data for further processing, Prinect Package Designer’s modular system covers all your packaging needs. Its scope of delivery includes an extensive library with reusable box types, displays and packaging components including ECMA and FEFCO standards.

How Can It Help?

Prinect Package Designer can help you serve your customers’ packaging needs better by offering some of the best features available for packaging in the market today.

Benefit from automated functions

This highly resourceful CAD/CAM system offers packaging and die-cutting solutions at the touch of a button. It saves on make-ready time and material by generating presettings for the postpress stage.

Work with parametric components

It designs with parametric components, which provide all the functions needed to design folding boxes and develop displays with ease and spontaneity.

Use customized designs

It has customized designs that are made with freely scalable design elements and a variety of boxes for daily use.

See your product in 3-D

It displays packages in 3-D and animated folding sequences, making it a great deal simpler to manage the result, which consequently helps avoid errors. It can also send a PDF exports of the 3-D or animated folding sequence data, which allows swift and easy consultation with the customer via e-mail or a web portal.

Repeats are now simpler

It allows effective fitting of various repeats on the print sheet, with complete control of the distance and offset parameters. It allows pasting of designs and sheet layouts into predefined documents at the touch of a button. It also evaluates various sheet sizes and positions, which ensures minimum trimmings and waste.

Be cost effective

It has a costing module that rapidly calculates the expenditure for the different sheet and layout alternatives.

The Synergy option

This allows the creation of new, top-quality designs, and lets you make changes in the existing components.

The Diemaker option

This enables the operator to design a cutting die with bridges, cutoff knives, compensating knives, and straightforward line preparation and output.

With Heidelberg’s Prinect Package Designer, you can cash in on the worldwide growth of packaging printing needs with great ease, while ensuring excellent quality and meeting the needs of customers from diverse sectors. A win-win situation, indeed!


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