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Label Printing That Knows No Bounds. Labelfire

The Gallus Labelfire supports printing, finishing, and further processing of labels in a single pass with virtually unlimited versioning. This digital printing system thus offers exactly the flexibility the market needs and opens up genuine opportunities for label printers.

Many customers would ideally like cheaper, faster, and — first and foremost — more personalized printing for self-adhesive labels. This is no easy task, particularly given rising cost pressures. Customers are looking for flexibility that ensures on-demand production of short runs with regional and seasonal adaptations, a wide range of versions, and personalized labels that are free of errors and deliver the highest quality.










This is where the Gallus Labelfire — a joint development between Gallus, Heidelberg, and Fujifilm — really comes into its own. The combination of digital printing and conventional processes enables printing, inline coating, surface finishing, and die cutting of labels from a reel in a single production step. Printing is performed with opaque white, CMYK, orange, violet, and green at speeds of up to 164 ft (50 m)/min, regardless of the number of colors used. And this even applies at the maximum native resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi. Thanks to seven-color separation, the inline label printing system covers over 90 percent of the Pantone® color space and achieves unprecedented color fidelity for skin tones in particular.

The Gallus Labelfire doesn’t just perform more tasks in less time. It also cuts costs, particularly for short runs, versioned print jobs, and personalized labels. New and variable data for job changes is loaded via the Prinect digital front end from Heidelberg at the simple touch of a button. Versioned jobs are collected in the job container and worked through one after the other without the press ever having to stop.

Users can also automate the prepress workflow via the Prinect digital front end to maximize data processing efficiency. Functions such as color management, automatic spot color matching, PDF Toolbox, and Prinect Prepress Manager make this possible.











Is that all? Not quite, as the Gallus Labelfire can do even more. Depending on requirements, it can be easily extended with units for flexographic printing or lamination, for example, or a cold foil module can be added before and after the last digital printing unit. After all, you don’t just want to be flexible — you also want to stay that way.

The key features in 15 seconds
The inline label printing system Gallus Labelfire combines the speed of flexo printing with the efficiency of digital printing and redefines the standard for self-adhesive labels:

  • 8-color printing system (7c plus opaque white)
  • Over 90 percent coverage of the Pantone® color space
  • 164 feet (50 meters) per minute
  • Digital printing, inline combined with conventional printing and finishing processes
  • Optional cold foil module
  • Register-sensitive, ensuring excellent image quality and color fidelity
  • Cost-effective production of very short runs, versioning, and personalized labels
  • Job changes for versioned jobs on the fly


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