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Fisherprint invests in press for fast makeready and paper flow control

Fisherprint invests in press for fast makeready and paper flow control


Fisherprint’s latest press investment is made with make-ready efficiency in mind. It has ordered a new Speedmaster CX 102-5+L from Heidelberg. This press will be delivered in May and meantime it is looking for a supplementary second-user B1 two-colour Speedmaster.

“We are in the multi-page, medium run market and we needed to improve yet further make-ready times so that was essential to make this investment,” says Miles Fisher, chief executive of the Peterborough company. “We have had very good service from Heidelberg over many years and were keen to continue that partnership.”

The CX 102 is to replace two older presses, a 1998 Speedmaster CD 102-6 and a 2007 Speedmaster CD102-6+L. With the addition of AxisControl and Autoplate Pro the company anticipates that the CX 102 will provide the company with a net 30% increase in output and new jobs created.

The new press is forecast to run 24/6 (where previously the company has run 24/5) and the seventh day will be available for overtime as demand dictates.

Axis Control was chosen because much of the company’s work is colour and copy critical and it wanted an off-press check by minders who can detect if, for instance, there is a nick in the plate. This spectral device is the only device on the market which measures and controls colour colourmetrically and can “read” and “learn” Pantone colour so is excellent for repeat work. Combined with Autoplate Pro, make-readies will be significantly reduced and for Fisherprint this, rather than the rated speed (16,500sph), is key.

Fisherprint handles commercial print (typically 90 to 150gsm work) but it has a niche in 50gsm lightweight leaflet work for the pharma and medical markets. This meant it needed a press which was first rate in its paper transport control. That the CX has in spades. There is the Venturi Air Transfer system and tapered roller bearer units for speedy but smooth sheet transport and the vented gripper bars in the ‘Preset Delivery Plus’ which provide a constant airflow over the sheets as they are delivered at high speed.

When Fisherprint last invested, demand for six-colour work was high, but an analysis of throughput in the last six months showed that it had reduced and for the small number that remained did not justify the purchase of a sixth printing unit. Where a sixth colour is needed, it will be handled on the two-colour which Fisherprint hopes to purchase in the next two months; this machine will also take up the spot-colour runs which have had to be handled on the company’s multi-colour presses to date.

The coater, of course, offers both aesthetic lift for some work but also very fast transfer of work to the finishing department which has been beefed up over the last six months with additional folding kit. The company will also upgrade its CtP and digital printing so that there is a front to back readiness for even faster response times, without compromise to quality and business growth.

When the press arrives, operators will be given an intensive Heidelberg training course to bring their skills up to the very latest level with the new add ons that are a feature of modern press specifications.

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