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Secret no. 4: Long live the rubber blanket!

Many printers use scrap paper instead of calibrated underlay sheets. What starts by saving a little money comes at the expense of print quality later since the inconsistent thickness of the scrap paper results in inhomogeneous printing and cannot prevent swelling. The calibrated underlay sheets from Heidelberg greatly improve print quality. In addition, they extend the lifespan of the rubber blankets and reduce vibrations in the press. The risk of bearing damage is greatly reduced.

Choosing the right rubber blanket has a big influence on the quality of the results: dot gain improves and the ink transfer for the perfect dot is optimized. To exploit the full potential, it is also important that the rubber blanket is properly installed with the correct torque.

  • stable dot gain
  • optimal ink transfer for the perfect dot
  • longer lifespan for your rubber blankets
  • reduced the risk of bearing damage

Our application specialists will be happy to advise you on choosing the right rubber blanket and the correct way to install it, as well as on choosing the correct calibrated underlay paper. Improve your print quality and reduce paper waste and costs now.

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