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Profitable production of short runs in offset printing. Speedmaster XL 75 Anicolor 2.

The Speedmaster XL 75 Anicolor 2 permits fast, flexible, and economical production of short runs in commercial, packaging, and label printing, and in so doing is the next evolution in our successful and proven Anicolor technology. The Anicolor 2 inking unit consists of a single-speed screen roller with ink chamber blade. It is not necessary to change the ink volume from zone to zone. The ink is transferred from the screen roller to the printing plate by an ink form roller. With Anicolor 2, the ink density can be increased by activating the Anicolor Booster via the Prinect Press Center XL 2. This does away with the need to change the ink chamber in most cases, since both coated and uncoated substrates can now be processed with the same ink series. The larger range of color settings increases the flexibility when processing different substrates and inks. Optimized washup programs make fast ink changes even faster. The screen roller also rarely needs to be replaced. Makeready processes can be further reduced by selecting various ink shut-off programs.


90 – 50 – 50. The Anicolor formula.

Maximum productivity

  • 50 percent increase in productivity thanks to fast and constant inking. Ready for production after just a few start-up sheets
  • Zoneless short inking unit with a screen roller engraved in the format size and a format-size ink form roller as well as inking unit temperature control ensure fast inking-up and constant ink feeding
  • InkStar ink supply system with cartridge-based fully automatic supply saves time and reduces residual ink to a minimum
  • Simplest reproduction of standard jobs
  • UV technology for instant postpress, even for special applications
  • Also available with perfecting device, increases the range of applications of the Speedmaster XL 75 Anicolor 2


Short makeready times

  • The elimination of ink zone adjustment shortens makeready times by up to 50 percent
  • Zoneless inking permits maximum ease of operation, while fast and uniform inking-up reduces waste sheets by around 90 percent compared with presses with a conventional inking unit
  • The optimized washup program ensures faster ink changes and shorter makeready times
  • Operator can select various ink shut-off programs (standard, none, short)

High user-friendliness

  • Total ease of operation thanks to the zoneless inking unit
  • Full integration into the Prinect workflow permits a standardized and fast overall process
  • The use of coordinated, tested Saphira consumables ensures constant production conditions and reproducible quality

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